Monday, March 12, 2007

Week 11

Last week was a little crazy with a few items taking precedence over training...that being said, this week is a new beginning so lets move forward.

Like I mentioned on Saturday I took a tumble on my turns out my left hip took the brunt of my fall. I don't think its too serious but I can't sleep on that side at night and are having a little trouble running.

The run on Saturday was pretty good overall (minus the slight hip issue). Took it easy for the first 55 minutes and then picked up the pace to race pace for the second half. There are 5 major climbs/downhills on the route I took going out (came back the same way as well)...everything was going great on the way back until I hit the second hill. It was then I ran out of gas and the ole legs felt like lead. I stuck it out though and was really happy to have finished one of my toughest runs this year.

Sunday morning was an early morning swim at the Sackville Stadium Sports Complex. 350 w/u, then 2400m, then a 350m cool down. I was feeling the effects from having run an LSD the day before so I kept it easy and steady during the 2400m. I lost count at some point b/c when I looked down at my watch when I *thought* I was at 1800m, I was at the 40 minute mark. I'm sure I swam extra.

The rest of the day was painting our basement floor to keep the dust down there when I'm training. In the evening we headed out to one of Mel's brothers place for dinner with a bunch of her family.
  • Run: 45 mins (8x1min hill sprints w/ 2min AR)
  • Daily Total: 45 mins

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