Monday, March 5, 2007

Week 9 (Build Phase Week 1)

Last week was definitely a recovery week in every sense of the word. It actually worked out quite well that it being a recovery week with Mel being gone for part of it, and work taking up most of my evenings. I wasn't really fretting too much about missing workouts but focused on making the most of ones I could keep.

I had a late night last night but thankfully today is a sheduled weekly day off. After work, I'm heading home and crashing for the evening. I'm getting sick with another flu that is making its way around the office so rest is important.

I am excited though this week is start of the Build Phase which introduces more hill work...LOL, as if I don't get enough hills as it is. I might head into the city on Sunday and do my long run along the harbour and in some of the parks so I can get a flat course for a change. Like I mentioned before, our neighbourhood is chaulked full of hills...I really do like em, but sometimes on the longer runs I'd like to be able to hit a flat stretch for more then a km without a major climb ;)

Thanks goes out to my buddy, fellow triathlete, and coach - Greg for setting me up with some cycling workouts leading into Ironman Coeur D'Alene.

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