Monday, May 25, 2009

And on Monday he decided to rest

I had a rough time waking up this morning. Even though I decided to take today off to rest I was still going to bike to/from work. However, when the alarm went off I reached over and turned it off. Lid there for a few minutes before rolling over and asking Mel for a drive to work. I was so tired and so not motivated to ride today. Thankfully she agreed!

Nothing much planned for today other than a few minor house projects and some sorting. We are unpacked and straighten away for the most part but there are still some odds and ends to tie up.

Been doing a little course review for this weekend's half mary and are getting both excited/nervous for the first race of the season! For all of my races I post little signs of goals I have for that particular race at work and home. I do this to keep myself on track when motivation starts to wane. For this one I have a time/pace goal. This one is a little bit of a stretch for me but I am going to hold onto the pace as long as I can until the wheels start to fall off!

Happy Carpet Day my friends! (Turkmenistan)


Keith said...

Something is wrong with the photos. The times and pace are censored. Smart move to get a ride to work. We're getting to the season where we get beautiful weather all day, then hard rain or even a thunderstorm during rush hour, then a nice evening. Welcome to bike commuting.

Amber Dawn said...

what are you doing this week pre-race (workouts)? I am just curious.

Shannon Wicks said...

This is a mash of workouts...I don't want too much of a taper but would like to have some sort of freshness on Sunday.

Mon - off

Tues - 3hr20min bike with 30 min tempo, 30 minute recovery treadmill run, 60 minute swim

Wed - 1hr20 bike, 40 minute run which will include 6x 1min sprints with 3min active recovery

Thurs - 50min bike, 60min swim, 30 minute run, massage

Friday - 50min bike, 60min swim, 30 mins on eliptical

Sat - off

Sun - Race