Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home Slice!

Tuesday was a big day, for me, in terms of training. It started out with an hour long ride in the morning followed an hour swim before work. Lunchtime was a 30 minute recovery run on the treadmill. After work it was another hour on the bike to get home, followed by an hour and 20 on my tri bike - which included 30 minutes at tempo effort.

I was beat to snot come bed time and slept in this morning. The ride into work today was a little slow going but nice to stretch some tired legs. Today is a little easier with some cross training during lunch, ride home, and some intervals this evening.

I will take Saturday and part of Friday off to rest the legs for Sunday's race.

Tomorrow evening Mel and I are signed up for a Couple's Massage course here on campus. It is a two hour long course and I'll bet dollars to donuts I'll end up doing the work for the entire two hours. They should just rename it from "Couple's Massage" to "How Husbands should massage their wife EVERYDAY!". Anyways, it'll be fun to learn something new.

Friday evening we are meeting Keith/Linda and Susie/Dale for some Indian food. I have to remind myself to take it easy on the spicy stuff. I love spicy food but it wreaks havoc on the ole system when it comes time to workout. I wouldn't want Sunday to be a repeat of the time I ran the first leg of the Banff-to-Calgary relay. 14km into a 22km run my arse was ready to explode. Worst run ever! When I finished the race I sprinted to the washrooms and just about tore the door off the stall and ripped the dude in there a new one for lully-gagging around.

In retrospect I would have changed one thing about that entire experience, I just would have ducked into the woods and let'r rip instead of waiting for the finish...such a newbie back then...and still in some ways - ha!

"Stay thirsty my friends"

Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World (2009)


Julie said...

That food is a killer -- it guaranteed that poor Susi will NEVER bike with me again the day after I eat an Indian meal...

Shannon Wicks said...

Yeah it is killer, but oh so tasty!

Keith said...

It gave a whole new meaning to the word "dutch oven', didn't it Julie?

This Indian place is very good. I'm sure you can get the mega spicy dishes if you want, but by the standards of other places we've been, this is mild. Shouldn't be a problem (note to self, just in case Shannon's system is more delicate than expected, make sure Sat is a rest day as planned.)