Sunday, May 24, 2009

Solid Weekend

Friday after work I had Mel pick me up instead of riding home. My legs felt super shot and I had an interval workout to do later that night. We ran a few errands before arriving back at the house and making supper. I was too hungry to not-not have anything to eat before I headed out for an hour trot.

So we ate dinner together and waited an hour and a half before we went our seperate ways to do our workouts. It was close to 8pm before I made it out the door...even though the sun was still out the wind had picked up and it was a little nippy. I did a 15 minute warmup before I found a nice quiet dirt road to run intervals back and forth on. To be honest I wasn't looking forward to hitting the pain train...I was tired both from training and the end of the work week. Not too mention I felt like as big and heavy as a pork barrel from supper.

No matter the excuse, this was my last big interval workout before the half mary next weekend and I didn't want to miss it. So I started out out with 10x 1min on 3 minutes active recovery. I ran some up slight inclines, I ran some down slight inclines and even some on a nice flat stretch. Right from the get-go things were tough but I don't like giving up so I gutted it out. Afterwards I gave the finger to the Pain Train and said "Take that!"

Saturday we had a vet appointment with Jessie to get her shots and a check up. We went to see our old vet from when we lived here previously. He is a Rock Star. Afterwards we returned home to do a few chores. Eventually around 3pm I got out to do a long ride. I headed out towards Cochrane and got a lost a few times but eventually recovered to find my way onto the Calgary 70.3 course riding it in reverse. The wind is funny here in Calgary...I rode into a head wind out and when I turned around I was riding into a head wind. Riding back up Cochrane hill was a ball breaker. It was been years since I've ridden up that beast.

From there I weaved in and out onto back roads. I threw in a 5km time trial at one point trying to hold 40km/h into the wind. By the time I got home I was depleted. Nutrition-wise I had taken three bottles of Nuun water along with about 600 calories from my Carbo Pro 1200.

We BBQ'd later that night and had a few of our favourite beverages.

Sunday I was up at the crack of dawn to pick up my buddy Chris for a couple of workouts. We swam together at Shouldice...maybe 2500m or so...I lost count. It was nice change-up swimming with someone else and following their workouts. It definitely shocks the system. After the swim, it was a quite change and we trotted off the trail next to the river for a long slow distance. However, we quickly forgot the slow part and pretty much pushed the pace for the entire 20km run. It was awesome.

After that it was home to rake the front and back lawns for dead grass. I am f$cking bagged...night night!

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