Friday, May 21, 2010

Just Flat Out! (X2)

I shamelessly stole the title for this entry from one of Jenna's recent blog entries. We don't have kids but I can certainly appreciate of hitting the ground running first thing in the morning and not stopping until you drop from exhaustion at night. Graduation is happening here on campus over the past two days so our department has been on overdrive in preparation as we are one of the main contributors. My role does not involve anything directly with Grad but I help out with other team members. It is fun to wear a different hat from time-to-time.

Past couple of nights I have been napping when I get home from work. I NEVER nap. I told Mel I just need one day to sleep in for 9-10hrs and I'll be good to go. Last week it was CPR training early in the morning and yesterday is was a 4:45am wake up call to get her on campus by 6:15am to start lugging equipment and setting up it up for the ceremonies at the Jubilee.

I accumulated a lot of lieu time from my project that launched back April - so I booked next week completely off! I'm excited to have some time off to start the next stage of our mud room/laundry room revamp as well as long some serious miles on my bike!

I thought about packing up the car/tent/bike and driving over to Penticton to ride for the week but honestly, I am a bit of a home body lately and I just really enjoy sticking close to home. Although, I plan on riding part of Highway 40 in Kananaskis at least once during my time off.

Today is a swim/bike day and phone calls before 8:30am tomorrow morning as I plan on sleeping in - ha!

Happy Friday Trig33ks!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Snot rockets

Ever wonder what drivers might think when they see you spit and/or shoot off a snot rocket while out running/biking?

I am the type of person who naturally builds up a ton of mucus when working out and are constantly clearing my throat and nose. Typically I try to expel when no one is around but sometimes a lot of times I do it with people around. Personally, I don't care but every once-in-awhile I embarrass myself with a misfire. Take last night for instance, towards the end of my runs I have a 1.5 climb back to our is hot and humid and I am thirsty n tired. I try to clear my nose at an intersection full of vehicles...I misfire and end up with a foot-long goobie mess from my nose all the way down past my shoulder. If only Mel could have seen me at the moment...thankfully we're married.

I quickly looked around to see who was witnessing my moment and there were a few horrified faces looking back...ahaha..too funny.

On tap today...another swim and bike ride tonight which includes some short sprints...hopefully the thunder showers hold off so I can ride outside.

Happy Tuesday my fellow Snot Rocketeers!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Standard First Aid w/ CPR and Health Care Provider.

This past weekend I was in an intense two day course to get my certifications. I was lucky enough to obtain them through work. My department hosts a lot of events on campus with staff/students....and while I am not directly involved with the event side of things, I do end up volunteering my time to help my team members out. Our director said it would be a good idea for us to get our certs. Not too mention, in order to finish my NCCP Tri-coaching cert, it is one of the last few requirements I need to meet.

Anyways, we went over a boat-load of information that will take me at least a week to sort through in my head. I learned a lot but wanted to share a couple of interesting tidbits with y'all with respect to giving CPR to someone:
  1. There is a high possibility that when you are administering rescue breaths, the unconscious individual will barf as a result of the breaths going into the lungs/stomach. All the more reason to carry a personal face mask. They will allow air to flow into the victim but prevent anything from coming back the other direction ;)
  2. When performing chest compression, there is good chance you will end up fracturing the victims ribs...even if you are dead on center of the breast bone. Don't be alarmed as this is to be expected because the compressions have to be hard enough to push the blood throughout the body.
We got to practice a lot throughout the weekend with various scenarios which, I have to say, was stressful. Walking into a situation without knowing what is going on, having to assess the surroundings and person and then perform the correct action is tough.

One cool thing about the weekend is now I am now trained to use an A.E.D (automated external defibrillator). And too be honest, they are super easy to use...pretty much just turn it on, listen to the instructions from the unit, and make sure when you shock the victim, no one is touching them.

Only downside to the weekend, was not being able to get outside to enjoy the sunny weather to train. However, it is hot enough to split the rocks here today, so I'm going for a run this evening.

Happy Monday fellow Trig33ks!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's about the process. It doesn't matter what you do tomorrow and it doesn't matter what you did yesterday. It's about today, and making today count. That's especially true in training, but it's the same mentality that I carry into racing. Focus on the task at hand, not on the finish line, or the next part of the race, but what it is that is right there in front of you in the moment. - Jordan Rapp

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poop Fairy: 1 Me: 0

Yesterday I did an easy 1500m recovery swim during lunch. Focused on my flip-turns on the one end of the pool and clenching the cheeks throughout the entire swim. Ever since I read that tidbit from Julie's blog, I have practiced it in every swim. It really does prevent you from breaking at the knee and also helps to tighten up your core, and keeps the hips near the surface. Win, Win, and Win!

Suppose to run 15km last night....found out through Facebook that our buddy Chuck was doing the same over in Saskatoon around the same time. It was like having a running buddy but 620km away. Unfortunately when I got home I got cold feet as my knee wasn't feeling 100% so I bailed. I felt bad I let my running partner head out there on his own :(

Before bed last night I laid out my running gear...determined to give'r a go this morning and see if things felt better. Woke up at 5:00am on the button and just lid there until 5:45am before getting up. This week is a lighter training week so only had 45 minutes at an aerobic pace this morning. It was minus -2 out so I was layered up with running pants, 2 shirts, jacket, toque, and gloves.

However, before I jet off out in the brisk sunny morning it is a pit stop a la loo. I sense the Poop Fairy is near but she won't drop in for a visit. The hell with ya I say...I'm not waiting for you any longer...I'm on my own schedule this morning.

Huge mistake.

One of the most important things about the Poop Fairy is that she marches to the beat of her own drum. That means we march to the beat of her drum as well. Silly me in thinking I could re-schedule with Poop Fairy...for 30 minutes into the run, I swear to the triathlon gods, that miserable fart of a Fairy descended onto me with a vengeance that made me cry on the inside.

OMFG, I wanted to die.

LOL, the last 3km were torturous...a mixture of a light jog with lots of walking. The last 1.5km are uphill to my house I swear I have never ran that fast in my entire life. Straight up the steps and bee-lined it to the main floor washroom...and that my friends is where I'll end this story.

Happy Tuesday Trig33ks - Don't forget to respect and obey your Poop Fairies.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Brand new week

Last Friday I had a stellar, kick-ass swim workout during my lunch break. The main set included 6x 150 (50m easy, 25m hard x2) on 15 seconds rest followed by 8x 50m sprints on 20 seconds rest. The 150's I call FFP's...fartleks for the pool. Of all the speed work I do, these are the hardest, most uncomfortable things in the world for me. I find the switch from easy-to-hard-to-easy-to-hard difficult when it comes to breathing management. I either like to be going hard for a longer period or going easy for the same period.

As much as I loathe them, the sudden shift in gears is really good practice for passing in races. Not too mention, it teaches you better breathing.

After the 150's a director on campus, who also does Tri's, joined my workout for the 50m sprints. We are notorious for kicking each other's arses in the pool and Friday proved no different. By the end of 50's we were a quivering mess...I had a cool down to do, while he had a full workout to get through...haha.

Saturday was a full day of chores with a run interval workout, and bike aerobic pacing workout sandwiched at different points in there. Sunday I woke up with some pain in my right knee (same as during Florida) so I decided to take it off and ice it. I think it might be my cleat placement on my mountain shoes as I rode to/from work on Friday and it was after the ride when I noticed the twinge.

Today it feels a bit better so I am going to give it a go at swimming/running.

Happy Monday Trig33ks!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You want some french "cries" to go with your "waaaa" burger?

This is my third week straight of consistent training -- and with it all the growing pains one sometimes experiences as you transition from being somewhat sedentary to becoming a rock-star triathlete. (we are all rock-stars in our own mind!).

There is a little bit of grumpiness in the evenings, ramped up hunger, dead legs, and sugar-drops. It usually takes me about a block of training for everything to work itself out and get back on a decent schedule. But I love every minute of it and of the transition taking place. It is like crack but better for you!

Yesterday was a swim/bike combo day. During my swims I have been forcing myself to do flip-turns during my warm-up/cool down on one end of the pool. It was a rough go for a while as I wasn't able to time my last breath before the wall nor keep a tucked position throughout the turn. To get around my sensitivity surrounding nausea I keep my eyes open and try to focus on a spot on my knees as I am turning. I was starting to get the hang of things until last week when I developed a lop-sided turn. I kept twisting to my left during the turns and breaking out of the flip. Turns out I was not keeping my arms near the top of the water and driving the turn from my core. Things are back to normal this week.

Last night I had a bike workout to do that didn't get started until late. We had to run a few errands beforehand. By the time I got in the saddle it was 7:30pm, I was tired n grumpy and my legs felt like dead weight. The workouts focus was 10x 20 second sprints on 2 minutes active recovery...up 2 reps from last week. After a good warm-up, I hopped on the pain train. The first 5 were essentially building into it with my wattage between 450 - 500watts. As usual, the first half feels easy after which someone flicked on the "bitch switch" and things start to get ugly. I start sucking wind but are focused on increasing my wattage until the last set. The last 3 I crank it over 600watts for the 20 second period and are ready to hurl after each effort. Mel is in an adjacent room and comes out to ask me if I can make anymore noise...haha.

Mission accomplished.

This morning was an early-rise for a 50 minute run. Looked outside...the weather sucked so downstairs on the treadmill I trot. I find running tough first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so I tell myself "You want some french cries to go with your waaaa burger. Suck it up buttercup and get the work done".

It was enough to get me going. Workout was 20 minutes easy running, followed by 10 minutes at my goal marathon pace for Victoria, followed by 20 minutes.

At lunch I have another swim workout focusing on some 200's with core work tonight.

"Merry Christmas" everyone!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Squeeze those cheeks!

Whilst' I was surfing through my friend's blogs, I came across a rather captivating tidbit of information:

"Clench that butt" -- if you clench your butt you WILL kick straight and not break at the knee.
It made stop and reflect on the significance of doing said action while swimming. Today is my day off but I couldn't wait to swim tomorrow as I was anxious to try this out! So off I trotted to the campus pool during lunch to do a slow-easy-continuous swim while clenching my butt.

I found it took a couple of lengths to actually clench my butt. Too many moving parts and other things to focus on made it difficult to do the required exercise. Eventually, I stopped squeezing my core and got the butt to contract while doing free-style. Let me tell ya, it felt weird...almost indecently weird!

However, I persisted and noticed that my legs were not breaking at the knee. But at the same time, I have in-flexible ankles so it felt like my legs were going up and down in the water without any feet attached. On the plus side, I did feel tighter streamlined and it felt like my hips were leading the charge when it came to rotation. (rotating from the hip).

Thanks to our fellow blogger and buddy Julie for the tidbit.

The weekend went too fast as it always does when I have an EDO. Friday was my earned day off, something I had not had the ability to do since the beginning of March. I spent most of the day doing weekly chores and prepping the laundry room floor for slate laying on Saturday. Saturday was focused on laying the rest of the flooring and I finally got it all put down. Next step is to grout and then I take a break while Mel does the wainscoting. I'll be drawing plans out for the built-ins we plan on putting in there.

Got a few workouts in during the weekend and ended the training week on a positive note by hitting all my goals for that week.

Happy Monday Trig33ks!