Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chipping away at it...

Last week was a positive week for coach piled on the workouts and I got em d-u-n. Monday is typically a recovery day that I usually end up doing a 1500m easy swim. This week I was so fried I actually didn't do a thing. Unfortunately, I drank too much coffee that day and woke up at 2:00am on Tuesday morning and stayed awake until it was time to go to bed Tuesday night.

It was a long day of feeling like ass so I took Tuesday off as well.

Balancing a short-course triathlon training schedule with a marathon one is not easy. I have two very different frameworks that I am trying to marry together. At the end of each I week I review what went well and what didn't - from there I determine what I can manage in the following week without burning myself out.

The original marathon program called for 6 runs per week but I had to pair that down to 5. It was hard to stick to this for the first couple of weeks but things are getting better now. Dedicated stretching and icing after my runs and bikes have help to manage things.

Last night I had a 60 minute run to do with 28 minutes of tempo running sandwiched in there. It was my best run to date...largely in part from having two days away from training. This morning I had to get up and run another 60 minutes (slower pace) and things still felt strong. This is epic for me because I am not a runner - hard work, sacrifice, and consistent training really does pay off.

Oh, and I have struck an agreement with the Poop Fairy regarding my morning runs. I get up a little earlier before my runs and she doesn't drop in on me in the middle of them.

Outside of training, Mel and I have been busy with various projects around the house. This weekend we are tackling some more of the yard work. I ordered a big yellow bag of dirt about 2 weeks ago that is still sitting in my front driveway. Before I could get to it, I had three other things to get done in order to be prepared for it. There is never a shortage of work around our household.

Happy Sunny Thursday fellow Trig33ks!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I took Monday completely off as I was pretty spent from the weekends efforts.

Tuesday's are one of my favorite workout days of the week - I get to do all three activities. The morning starts at 5:30am - I have to wait for the poop fairy to visit before launching into a 10km run. Lunchtime is intervals in the pool and the evening ends with a 90 minute ride. Last night I had a 32 minute threshold effort in there. When I got home from work, admittedly, I had to eat and take a quick nap before diving into my workout.

I prefer doing my extended threshold rides on my trainer for a number of reasons:
  1. I have a power meter on my trainer so I can dial my goal wattage and stay within the range.
  2. No traffic to contend with so I can stay aero for the entire time and focus on cycling
  3. Continuous pedaling for the duration of the effort - no coasting!
At the 25 minute mark I was starting to struggle so I pulled out the key phrase I made up before the workout started. I knew this workout was going to be tough, especially at the end of the day so I made up a key phrase to go over in my head when the time was right.

"Work harder"

Pretty simple but super effective. I would say this aloud and/or in my head over and over during the last 7 minutes of the workout. It definitely helped to keep my mind of my tired legs, labored breathing, and overall sweaty mess I had become. I was even able to increase my wattage by 10 during the last 10 minutes!

Today is a scaled back day because I am dragging my tired arse around.

Happy Wednesday Trig33k!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Nose to the grind

We had some great weather in Calgary the past couple of days which gave us a chance to get outside and start on some yard projects. In addition I got some great workouts in - overall things are coming together. Although, I feel like I need a couple of days to recover from the weekend. My legs definitely feel it going up/down stairs.

I'm down 9 pounds since the end of April. [I put on about 20 since Florida last November]. I am not one to cold-turkey anything. Instead, I plan out stages/milestones and methodically follow each one until I meet my goal.

Not to say I don't enjoy my treats, IE, the huge strawberry/rhubarb pie Mel bought at Costco last week. My daily treat is to have a slice of that bad boy with a dollop (or two) of vanilla ice-cream =)

Gratz to Keith and Cath for having great races at Wasa last weekend.

Happy Monday Trig33ks!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Triple dawg day!

Yesterday was a stellar day for training. Up at 5:30am to run 10km. The goal for that workout was to run about 30 - 40 seconds slower than my goal pace for Victoria.


Work has slowed down a bit after my project giving me time to catch up on some other mini projects as well as get a jump start on others. At lunch I was over at the campus pool for a swim. The main set was 9x 100m at a moderate pace on 10 seconds rest interval followed by 8x 75m sprints on 45 seconds rest. The 100m's went well and I was able to maintain an even pace. Last month when I started training I struggled keeping pace so improvement is nice to see. The sprints were great until I hit the 7th one after which the wheels fell off this wagon. Admittedly, I cruised the last set as I was c-o-o-k-e-d.


By the time the evening rolled around I was starting fade out like a rock star. Thankfully, Mel was a little late catching the train up to campus so I was able to catch a 10 minute nap! Recharged, we got home and I got ready to head out on my bike.

Got out the door and within 2 minutes it starts to rain. I turn around head home and are just deflated. I don't have the heart to lug the trainer up from the basement and connect the bike up to it and the power meter. I wait 5 minutes before saying "Eff this!" and head back out.

The focus around this workout were 90 second intervals on 3 minutes active recovery.

Well, the skies opened up during my ride and didn't stop until I was done my workout...honest-to-codfish! By the time I arrived home I was soaked, filthy, and frozen to the bone. My bike shoes went from white to black and my poor bike is rotten. The only thing that kept me going through this workout was the thought of a hot shower when I got home.


Got home, showered for about 15 minutes to warm up, inhaled a boatload of food, and then took the pups out with Mel for the evening walk.

Overall a great day...hope yours was great as well.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mya-moe ukulele contest winner

This young woman is from the town I grew up in in northern labrador...she did a pretty good job. And yes, it looks like that most of the year!

Monday, June 7, 2010

You married it!

This is what awaited my wife when we were about to head out to walk the dogs tonight.


Training is going good...more about quality last week than quantity. Laundry/Mudroom project about 95% complete so with that nearing completion I can get back to focusing on training.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Training is going well...excitement grows with each workout...legs are tired a lot...hills are my friend...intervals rock my socks off...and I've finally accepted I swim in 25m Endless Pool.

I have signed up for some triathlon/running races.

Marathon training for Victoria starts on Sunday - it'll be interesting trying to balance olympic distance triathlon training with marathon training...but I'll find a way...I always do.

Finally summer has arrived in Calgary...hopefully it stays around a bit.

Happy Hump Day Trig33ks!