Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Last Saturday when Mel and I took the dogs out for their walk I knew I was going to have to take some time off of running. I irritated that injury again.  So I figure I'm early enough into the schedule to take a complete week off from running to let it heal up. To replace the running I started cycling again on my trainer. Good to be back on the bike but the saddle sores are starting to catch up with me. I seriously can't win with these butt issues as of late...haha.

I figure I'll stay away from running until Saturday and then give it a go. I'll probably stay away from any speed work for another week just in case. I've been icing 2-3x daily as well going a regiment of core butt exercises to strengthen things down there. Good times.

I've tentatively signed up for the Back 9 Run which is free race put off by a buddy of mine Scott Brass and his QuickSilver Running/Tri Club. It is a 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50km distance race taking place Oct 8. I figure the 30km part will give me a good chance to try out some marathon pacing goals. In addition to this, and Vegas I am giving serious consideration to the Frozen Ass 50km in Feb 2012.

Outside of training, I am still busy with my garage reno which is kicking my ass. I dropped an 8x4 sheet of drywall the other night on my head while to hang it by myself to the ceiling. I was so pissed at myself for that one and ended up having to slice the sheets in half so they are better to manage. I'm too cheap to go rent the drywall lift at Home Depot.

I am hoping to get that project done by the end of September...up to the mudding and sanding at least. Paint will have to wait as I have to start the second level main path. Complete gut, minus the tub removal, it will involve new vanity, flooring, and paint. That should be fun...tiling is one of those rewarding projects you can admire on a daily basis.

And that is my life in a nutshell over the past week and a bit...hope everyone is doing well and keeping somewhat active as we head into the Fall and racing season ends for some of us. I know some of you hardcores out there have some iron distance stuff coming up in Florida in Oct and even the World Champs in Kona. All I have to say to that is keep up the hard work - you guys are an inspiration!


Darin Hunter said...

Rent the drywall lift man, trust me it's worth it- you'll wonder why you didn't get it to begin with. Hope you bounce back quickly from the injury.

Julie said...

Have you gone to a physio? Our Mercury Rising Tri team is sponsored by Panther Sports Medicine in Calgary. One of the owners, Scott did this presentation at our swim camp earlier this year.

It was awesome -- I remember watching his diagnosis of this one girl who had shoulder issues. She kept repeating, "No one has ever told me this before." He had her do all these little things like hold her arm out in front of her, etc. Seemingly simple things but she (and us) were surprised at how he traced things down to a root cause. He is like the fricking yoda of physios.

When it was my turn, (he didn't know anything about me) but when he asked me to roll up my pants to look at my legs/feet, it was like a fortune teller was spookily accurate. I was sold on the spot.

Scott worked with me personally -- arranged to have my doctor take another set of x-rays -- sent them to a specialist friend of his, restructured his appointment calendar to see me when I came to Calgary, and followed up with emails..sometimes 2-3 times a day when I had questions!

And when I started getting knee pain after running again, he sent me a personalized series of stretches. And my running is solid now. I have no injuries. Scott still fires off an email every once in a while to see how I am doing and if I have any questions.

Anyways -- just to throw it out there -- you've been plagued by this injury for way too long and it is not fair for you to have to keep being sidelined by it.

If you are at all interested I can contact Scott personally and hook you guys up via email introduction.