Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two in one week...

Thought I would start posting my workouts/activities leading into the Vegas marathon - so this is what my week is looking like:

Monday - 15 minute easy cycling followed by 15 minutes of deep stretching.  

Tuesday - Interval workout on the treadmill. Sidewalks are too icing at the moment to continue these outdoors. 10 minute w/u, then 6-8x800m (done during lunch so time is limited) at a 3:50/km - 4:00/km pace with 2 minutes of walking in between each. I found a couple of treadmill pace conversion calculators so this workouts to roughly 9.4 - 9.6 speed on the treadmill at a 1% incline.

Wednesday - 8 km recovery run in the am...15min cycle followed by stretching at lunch.

Thursday - 50 minute tempo run - build the first 12 minutes then ramp up speed over the next 30 minutes to 10km pace before dialing it back down to an easy pace. Yoga with Mel later in the evening.

Friday - Off

Saturday - 16km pace run. Thinking about doing this down by the river because it is flat...otherwise I'll do it on the treadmill again.

Sunday - 36km run. Been using a hydration pack to add another 5-8lbs to make it a little harder. Pace will be about 30 - 45 seconds slower than race pace. Ice feet after followed by epson salt bath.

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