Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Whats in Vegas stays in Vegas...

Unless, of course you have a blog to write about it!

Yesterday I scored tickets for Mel and I to see a couple of Cirque du Soleil shows. They are running a few deals at the moment....Canadian 25% discount, Cirque Week Packages, etc.I was really hoping to see O but the timing (and price) wasn't right so we opted for Viva Elvis and Love. You can't go wrong with any of the shows and we've seen Ka and Mystere already.

Outside of that we'll probably spend a day at the outlets, hit up Fremont Street, and hope to see the Grand Canyon. I also have 3 days to learn how to play poker and blackjack so I can finally sit at a learners card table and pretend to be a high roller.

Training-wise, I only ran three times last week - partly because I wanted to recover from the 35km run I put down two weeks out from the race, and also because I was experiencing another bout of insomnia. I find it hard functioning the next day on 3-4 hrs of sleep.

I let go of chasing a PR for this race and really just hope to enjoy the sights and sounds of running a marathon down the strip with bands playing every mile. I hope to be done in 4 hours.

After this race, I am done training for 2-3 weeks to recharge the batteries and catch up some old reno projects and some new ones my wife lined up for me ;)

Have a great week...I'll put together a race report sometime next week after the race.


Julie said...

Good luck to you Shannon! And enjoy your time in Vegas! If you get a chance to do that Skywalk thing at the Grand Canyon, it is really something else. :)

runningman said...

Have a great race Shannon!! Enjoy Vegas, the cards, the shows, don't forget about the food too. I second the skywalk thing, it's worth it.