Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A day late...

...and a race short!

I am not sure what happened last week but I always seemed to be running a day behind.

It first started with my dentist appointment - thought it was on a Thursday, turns out it was on Wednesday - Mel saved my arse on that one.

Then there was something else, which for the life of me I can't remember what it was but I got the day wrong.

And finally, the doozie! I signed up for the Quicksilver Back Nine race - planned on running the 30km to test out some marathon pacing/nutrition strategies. All week I was looking forward to this race only to find out Saturday evening, when I was checking the race details about parking for Sunday morning that it was in fact earlier in the day on Saturday...W -- T -- F

Needless to say I wasn't happy with myself as this race is awesome - a 30km training run with aid stations, amazing post race grub, and cool draw prizes - not too mention some of the most awesome volunteers...fml.

So on Sunday morning, I got up early and donned my 3L hydration pack and gear and trudged out for a hilly 30km run. Run was good although my feet, particularly, my heels have been sore since. Hip/arse is feeling good so that is cool.

Thanks-giving weekend was pretty low-key in our house...we spent most of the weekend doing stuff around the house - Mel on the chores, and me in the garage. Finally finished the dry-walling and moved onto mudding.

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A change in seasons

Can you believe we are already in October???

The leaves have fallen off most of the trees in our yard, the evenings are becoming darker sooner and the darkness is lasting longer in the mornings. I don't mind it though as I tend to sleep better during this time of year.

House projects are still in full swing - I took a bit of a break from the garage to do some  yard work for the last little bit but are back to finishing the drywall and insulating this weekend. Hope to start mudding as well this weekend along with painting the floor.

Training for the Las Vegas Marathon has been pretty good. I'm running 4-5x week depending on my schedule and how the hip/butt is feeling. I have been seeing a physio therapist once-a-week for the past 3 weeks. Things have been slowly getting better but I still can't open up my stride too much which means no more Yasso Repeats.

I've replaced the repeats with another marathon-pace workout and have re-trained my self to really shorten my stride. With these challenges, I have modified my time goals for Vegas - however, I am still hopeful I can beat my time from the Victoria marathon last year.

Been exchanging emails with a friend of mine on nutrition. I am still trying to find a balance with training load, cravings from training, and energy level swings. On top of that, I still have gut issues when racing no matter the pace.

She follows a modified Paleo diet and has given me a lot of information to think about. I am intrigued by the concepts and have been reading information about it all week. I went so far as to order to The Paleo Diet for Athletes: A Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance which I am really keen to read.

From what I have read so far, one of the main foundations for the diet is lean/wild meat. For someone like me who don't eat a lot of meat and have eliminated pork (& some other types of meat), I would not be able to become a true "paleo".

That being said, I am hoping to take away a better understanding of what vegetables are high in nutrients/energy, and some replacements for the processed grains I am eating too regularly.

Other than that, life is pretty low-key at the moment.

Hope you are all doing well.