Friday, February 17, 2012

Get'er done

Had a little bit of a set back over the past 7 days - I somehow sprained my SI joint and had to take a break from running. Thankfully, I was able to replace the running workouts with eliptical ones.

No idea how I sprained it - leaned over one morning to pick up something off our dresser and got a sharp pain in my lower right back/hip. It is one of those weird injuries where sitting actually makes it worse and where I am in front of a computer all day long it is a slow road to recovery.

Been in to see in a Chiro a few times this week to get my hips adjusted back in place. Things are getting better and I finally ventured out for an hour run this morning before work. Coach called for 45 minutes but it was so peaceful this morning I tacked on some extra time out of pure enjoyment.

We have a long weekend this weekend and Mel I have a few plans in the works - trip to the mountains to visit do some snowshoeing and possibly hit up Canmore for dinner. Start the flooring in the second spare bedroom after weeks of delays, few runs, and maybe a x-country ski.

Just found out my fav DJ, Mat Zo is in town on Saturday night and I have to convince Mel to go. Problem is, both her and I haven't set foot in a club in dogs ages not too mention it would be a much younger crowd at this gig...that being said, this guy is absolutely brilliant and I'd be sorry for missing a chance to catch him in person.

We'll see...

Happy long weekend!

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Julie said...

Sorry to hear about the SI joint sprain! Bending over -- WTF? I mean, if you are going to sustain an injury it should be accompanied by a great story, like let's see...

You were cross-country skiing when a cougar leaped from the bushes and landed on your skis, sending you into a tailspin, hence injuring your SI joint. Much better! lol.

As for the club -- DO IT. You have to! You are going to be old school there. All the young uns...Hahahahaha! I can just imagine how weird it will be. LOL!