Friday, February 24, 2012

Make it count

It has been a really good week of training thus far - I like weeks like this where training is effortless and fun. Been trying to hammer out my runs first thing in the morning when *most* of the world is still asleep. I wake up around 5:15am and try to be out the door before 6am. As my work-week runs start to lengthen out I'll eventually have to be out the door by 5am - long days ahead!

I look forward to it though - the sacrifices now will more than pay for itself during races this summer.

One of mantra's as of late is the title of the entry. I sometimes seem to lose sight of why I am doing something, albeit training or what have you, and focus on just getting it done. It is not on purpose really - I just think sometimes we get caught up in trying to get everything done as once.

I think it helps to remind ourselves that we are not eternal beings - we all eventually die. Take the time to slow down, focus on what is directly in front of you and make it count :)

This weekend...

Well, I have a wicked long run planned out on some trails/dirt roads north of the city early Saturday morning and hopefully a 3-4hr ski on Sunday morning out in Bragg Creek - they finally got some decent snow lately.

Mel and I are also continuing work on some reno projects so it will be great to be working on these and nearing a completion date...whenever that may be...haha.

Have a great weekend!

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