Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ready to blow and no where to go

One thing I have learnt over the years of doing this endurance stuff is that no matter how much you prepare for something, you are never 100% prepared for everything that may come your way.

Take my Monday morning run for example - I get up 30 minutes before I plan to run to ensure I get to the bathroom before I head out the door. The Poop Fairy visits and then I'm off for a 70 minute trot.

I am not even out the door 5 minutes when I feel the "movement". I think to myself "No way!" I just went to the bloody bathroom and emptied everything out.

So as stubborn as I am I decide not to turn back and figure I can continue on, albeit, at a much slower pace so as not to upset the balance of nature. It is a beautiful morning so I don't mind taking my time today.

However, as I continue to run, I start to develop some wicked GI aches and pains. Somehow in my head I had figured out a way to just "outrun it"...haha, as if.

35 minutes in and I was one fartlek away from crapping my pants. The urge to go was so bad, along with panic of not having anywhere to go immediately, I started to laugh. So much for preparation.

There was a gas station about 15 minutes back down the road so I decided to back track and hope to God that the attendants would be nice enough to let me use the washroom.

At this point I was between a rock and a hard spot - I wanted to run as fast as I could back to the gas station, however, anything strenuous beyond a walk and I was for sure going to have an accident.

So what did I do?

I speed walked! Yep, full on hip action and lots of stares to boot. At that point, you could be in the buff and don't care - the need to go is your only driving force.

Suffice to say, I made it to the gas station, in what felt like the nick of time, and the attendant was nice enough to let me use their washroom - yeah!

Whew! What a load off.

After that, I tacked on some extra time to the run just because it was so nice out and I was finally feeling - jazzy!

Happy Tuesday!


Julie said...


Right up there with: "Never trust a fart on a long run."

A double blow-out day for you! Frigging poop fairy was playing games with you! LOL!

Shannon Wicks said...

I know...I can't remember the last time I was slapped with the Poop Fairy stick so close together like that.

Love the quote btw...